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The “Large Packages — large packages of shares” Promotion


Dear partners!

We are pleased to offer a new promotion that will allow for buyers of large packages to receive maximized packages of shares.

Conditions of the promotion: 

The amount of shares in large business packages increases during the period of January 1 through February 1 of 2021. Moreover, these packages also receive a discount and the price remains unchanged (does not increase based on the current system of package price increases). 

The price of large packages will increase by 1% weekly starting February 1.

Table 1: Prices of large packages and the amount of shares through the promotion


Price fixation with a discount until 1.03.2021Amount of shares for a buyer until 1.01.2021 (promotion)*

Starting 1.03.2021 price will increase weekly by



9 234400

10 692


18 07983021 384


26 827125032 076
VIP104 9765000

104 976**

Please note:

  • Table 1 depicts the total amount of shares that a buyer receives when purchasing a  large package including the marketing plan and this promotion.
  • Partners who purchase large packages starting 1.01.2021, will receive additional shares based on this promotion (except for previously issued shares).
  • **-Price of a VIP package starting 1.03.2021 will remain with a discount, unchanged.
  • * — A sponsor receives up to 50% of shares based on the investment status.

Validity period of the promotion: January 1 — March 1 of 2021.

Validity period of this promotion is limited, take advantage of this time and the benefits! 

We wish financial accomplishments and rapid growth on the career ladder to all the partners!

Gem4me: earn with us! 

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