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The “Profits for Everyone” Promotion


Dear friends! 

As you may know, partners receive rewards for their sponsoring work as part of the differentiated marketing plan based on the level of their participation in the business (beginner — Go, intermediate — Biz, professional — Premium, investment — Invest). Partners with the Invest level receive maximized rewards (bonuses, points, shares). 

Attention! We are announcing a unique monetary promotion that will allow for partners to receive maximized profits! 

Conditions of the promotion: 

All partners will receive maximized rewards (bonuses, points, shares) when sponsoring a personal sale of packages of shares during the validity period of the promotion. 

Validity period of the promotion: September 15 (12 PM Moscow Time) through September 29 (12 PM Moscow Time) of 2020.  

Be sure to use all of the current opportunities to maximize your business! We wish you rapid team growth and major financial accomplishments! 

Gem4me: earn with us!

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